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Mirrors, like other objects in the house, are subject to the appearance of time spots that can not be removed, such as those of moisture and mildew. However, there are ways to prevent them from appearing. “The incorrect use of cleaning products with excess acidic or too alkaline components can cause marks, as well as contact with grease and other soils in the environment,” says the founder of Clean Cleaning Company, Renato Ticoulat.

Forget over-elaborate cleaning products. For more common stains, such as lipstick, fingers, toothpaste and hair spray, a simple, home-made recipe is enough: “A cloth dampened in water with detergent removes all stains. Then wipe the damp cloth with water only until all detergent has been removed. Then just finish with an alcohol cloth and a newspaper to brighten and remove any fur from the cloth that has remained, “teaches personal assistant Heloísa Sundfeld, Personal Assistant.

Speaking of cleaning, glass cleaners for sale in supermarkets are often thought to be ideal for cleaning mirrors. But very acidic, alkaline or abrasive products can corrode the layer that protects the mirror and expose the silver layer that generates the mirror, causing it to oxidize. This oxidation in mirroring can also cause brands that can not be removed. In this case what happens is that this film needs a specific paint to be protected from moisture, which often ends up not being applied by the manufacturer of the products or being put in the proper amount to avoid wear. “The ideal is to look for mirrors that have a double layer of protection and / or sealants on the edges, as this will increase their protection and their useful life,” says Ticoulat.

The main point for the maintenance of the mirror is even the regular cleaning, even if the dirt is not apparent. According to Ticoulat, a do-it-yourself tip that can help in this process is the preparation of a solution that mixes a cup of vinegar in 3.5 liters of water – and that should be applied directly on the mirror with a sponge. “Once done, wipe with a soft cloth, like a flannel, to polish the surface. In this same cleaning process, you can also choose to use a newspaper sheet dented and soaked in this same solution. Clean it with another crumpled newspaper and then wipe dry with a dry cloth, “he says. Oh, and nothing to use cleaning bushes and other rough surfaces on the mirrors as they may even remove the dust, but they cause scratches.

Trick against water

Cleaning with water can be a problem as it runs the risk of getting inside the mirror frame and not drying out. To prevent this from happening at the time of cleaning, dry the edges with a hair dryer. This way you will evaporate any droplets that may have entered the mirror.