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Lack of time is a big factor to think about when cleaning the house. Tasks pile up and get larger than the hours of the day, but as we’ve already mentioned, there are some ways to clean the house quickly and efficiently.
Today the tips are for cleaning your kitchen, check out:

1 – Clean the dishes immediately
Throw the rest of the food in the trash and wash the dishes as soon as possible, dirty dishes accumulate bacteria. Wash them carefully and let them dry to continue cleaning.

2 – Clean the cooker
Stove is something that needs to be cleaned the next time it is dirty, as fats permeate the surface and become harder to leave. Use degreasing products and a sponge to make it easier.

3 – Do not be distracted
Keep the focus on cleaning and let to tinker or watch TV afterwards. Do not get distracted by organizing drawers and cabinets, just store everything and continue cleaning.

4 – Take care of the trash cans
Kitchen garbage usually contains leftover food scraps, so it is necessary to remove the garbage bag every few days. The use of newspapers can contain the stench and dry the leaking food in the waste basket, making it easier to clean.

5 – Clean the refrigerator
Often the refrigerator is neglected at the time of cleaning, but care must be taken with it, cleaning the outside with cloths and products that get fingerprints, and dust. Internal cleaning is also necessary, removing overdue food, and wiping each shelf with a cloth.

6 – Sweep the floor
Do not wipe the cloth with products straight on the floor, first remove the dust from the floor, especially in corners between walls and furniture.

7 – Pass the cloth
After thoroughly sweeping the floor you need to wipe damp cloth with products to complete cleaning the floor, giving a better look to the kitchen.

8 – Pass cloth on furniture
Cabinets, table, kitchen island, everything in the room needs a cloth with or without product, the important thing is to remove the accumulated dust and dirt.
Kitchen is the heart of any home, keeping it clean is something hard work, keep these tips in mind at the next cleaning and tell us how you do to clean your kitchen.