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Our Story

Miss and Mr. Cleaning is a small company focused on giving the best service and offering a quality service. The difference of our work for our competitors is the quality of our services. Our biggest concern when we perform a task is the details. A good professional is one who is concerned with performing a perfect job.


Our goal is to surprise our customers with impeccable work.
This is our training concept for our employees.
They do a flawless job and they let our customers really very happy and satisfied.


  • Strategy 88% 88%
  • Quality 100% 100%
  • professionals 96% 96%
  • Commitment 90% 90%

The best solution is the one that caters to the customer!

An inviting and healthy environment is essential for professional and personal relationships.

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Contact us by the number (475) 439.7966 and contract our work.

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With great quality and commitment we will carry out our work.

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